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What to Look For When Buying Non Stick Cookware

Non Stick CookwareWhile trying to look for one of the best Nonstick Cookware sets, most of the buyers will find that all the pans are equipped with a coating which will be scraped ever after taking all the precautions mentioned in the user guide. Hence, the following guidelines will assist in buying a pan with a surface which will be non-stick.

To start with, one has to check whether coatings are made of PTFE or not. PTFE has got excellent properties for non-stick, however, being soft it is more prone to scratches; hence the solution will be to mix it some other type of materials which will make it stiff. The proportion of the mixture of FTFE and other materials varies from one brand to another.

Manufacturers have discovered that a lot of cost can be cut by using different materials with PTFE. The cookwares which are cheap consist of only one layer of mixed material, which will only help with sticking the ingredients to the surface. Also in this case the non-stick surface is usually rolled out, which makes the nonstick pan weaker.

A better type of cookware from Cuisinart and Farberware might have similar kind of mixture, but an additional coating might be added. In this case, the second coating or layer has to be formatted properly, which will help in sticking to the first. Additionally a third level can be added on top of second layer to produce a better non-stick surface, this is also the minimum requirement of a good quality non-stick surface. This enables more life for the cookware. Now a day, the best one offers around seven layers.

One needs not be an expert to check the coating of the nonstick software. One has to rub his fingers throughout the surface to check the quality. By doing this, one can observe the ridges which will be tiny & small to detect a single layer coating. However the best one can be always recognized by checking its smooth surface as non-stick will be sprayed on the surface in this case, and perfect curing is done after that.

If the surface is about Matte finish, then one can easily understand that coatings are PTFE based. Also surface can be made shiny using silicon. However silicon might not work good with fats of animal and, hence it cannot be a good non-stick, but it is indeed a good bake ware.

One has to check three things before buying the cookware. The first thing will be the wooden spatula which can provide protection to the surface, secondly a nylon made sponge for cleaning ,and thirdly a booklet or a user guide which provides information on how to take care of the pan. Most of the instruction manual says that the pan should be washed in hot & soapy dishwater, by using a sponge or dishcloth. Proper rinsing is required and then the pan has to be dried. Before using a towel made of paper can be used for applying a thin coat of oil, which should wipe away any additional oil from the surface. A Cooking-Spray can work best on this since it requires less oil. Also Cooking-Spray packages are not available; bottles which can spray oil can be used in this regard.

The choice of utensils should be always limited to silicon, wood, plastic or rubber. Also objects which are sharp should be always avoided on the pan. Initial scratches are not going to affect the surface, but subsequent scratches will definitely damage the pan.