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Choosing the Best Cast Iron Cookware 

Cast Iron Cookware is a lot better than other kinds of cookware. It is quite dependable and designed to withstand extremely high temperatures while maintaining an even distribution of heat and could be used without needing to use cooking oil. While there are many choices available, you need to have a full understanding of these available options before you choose the best one for you.

Generally, what easily come to mind when people talk about cast iron cookware are usually skillets and pans.  The truth is cast iron is used not just in making cookware but also with bake wares.  Cast iron is a popular material for cookware and bakeware because of its ability to keep and distribute heat evenly and can withstand even the highest of temperatures. Moreover, its surface is non-stick making it very suitable to cooking and baking.

You also need to determine your preference whether you want your cookware to be coated with enamel or not. For vintage cast iron, cookwares shall be uncoated. Nevertheless, whether your cookware is new or an uncoated vintage cast iron, you need to season the cookware before you use it. Curing or seasoning is a process where you will have to fill all the iron pores using grease either with oil or lard. After seasoning the iron, it becomes smooth and the surface of the cookware becomes non-stick. But you need to remember not to wash the cookware using soap as doing this will affect the seasoning and be removed. While seasoning is easy to do, you may also choose to just buy a pre-seasoned cast iron cookware.

You also have to inspect the quality of the cookware. Check out how it was manufactured. Inspect its handle. Some handles may be wooden while others can be made of stainless steel. But cast iron handle is a lot more durable than a stainless steel or a wooden handle. While these handles can be hot to touch, they could also be safe to be used with an open flame or in your oven

In addition, you should also consider how this handle is connected to the cookware. It would be ideal to have a handle made of cast iron too. When a handle is connected using a screw or bolt, it is not so durable. They can even cause the cast iron to weaken more easily and crack.

Since a cast iron is quite heavy, it should be expected that cast iron cookware will also be heavyweight. And so, when you fill this cookware with food, it will be heavier. Nevertheless, you may choose smaller sizes. While you should also consider the size, you also need to consider the thickness as some cast iron could be very thick. Though thicker cast iron would mean heavier, the good thing about this is that it can be able to hold heat a lot better.

While cast iron is among the oldest material available for cookware, it is also among the best. The quality of cast iron may also vary along with the cookware’s features. Before buying one for you, weigh all your options first.